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Building Value: First, Set Yourself Straight

How much would you pay for your business today?

Many business owners would rather find a way out of their business than take a long look in the mirror and confront the gap between what they built and what they set out to build. Some owners fail to create long-term value either because they do not know how or because they let themselves be too busy working in the business to work on the business.

The Problem Is You

What is the problem? It’s not the competition. It’s not your employees. It’s not your location, and it’s not the changing market. It is you. You are getting in your own way, and once you accept that, you can build a business of value. If you are ready to stop blaming the competition, your employees, your location, or the market, you’ve just merged into the fast lane on the road to putting your business to work for you.

You Are Also the Solution

Good news, you are not only the problem. You are also the answer. Start taking responsibility, delegating authority, and holding yourself and others accountable for results. Start building a business you can sell or proudly pass along to someone.

You started this business, so you could sell it, right? I doubt you started it so you could have a job. My bet is that you are an entrepreneur, so start acting like one. Entrepreneurs assume risk, organize and operate business ventures. Contrary to some notions, they do not work themselves into the ground. Would you be surprised to hear that building a business does not have to be a struggle?

You Are Not Alone

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. You are not alone. There are many resources available to help you get started and progress on the road to improvement. The high-performing CEOs that I know routinely seek counsel from others. Often, while enjoying the success of a colleague or commiserating about your mistakes, you will find a lesson or two that will help you improve.

Another great option that many do not consider is hiring a business coach. Objections to bringing on an executive coach often stem from ego or a sense of duty to “figure it out on my own—that’s why I get paid the big bucks.” Additional objections link business coaching to therapy. And some CEOs and business owners think that if they engage a coach, the coach will be around forever.

That should not be the case. In my 20-plus years of executive coaching, I have learned that:

· Admitting you need a coach is humbling, and

· Hiring a coach is liberating.

We all need a sounding board or a fresh set of eyes once in a while. Know this: the best business coaches don’t become a long-term fixture in your life. Instead, they do a crazy amount of listening, observing, and they help you rise to the challenges you face. Then, they move on to the next client to help them realize their full potential.

If you think you might want a coach, let’s start a conversation. Fit really matters; therefore, the getting acquainted call is free. Whether you want to build value, scale your business, or whatever you want to accomplish, we can have you optimized for success in no time.


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