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We connect organizations with exceptional candidates.

You deserve an experienced business partner with a vast network of qualified candidates. Our founder was once called “a people collector” by the CEO of a Fortune 100 company who met her at a national convention—and he was right! She has a unique ability to connect with people, and she loves helping them make connections. Her knack for identifying and recruiting great leaders and high performing individuals is second to none.


Talent acquisition is about so much more than recruitment; equally important is the onboarding process, which can make or break the success of a new hire. At Simpatico, we focus on the first 90 days, a crucial period during which recruits learn what to expect from their new organization. And perhaps even more critically, we help new recruits quickly demonstrate what the organization can expect from them. We have the experience and interpersonal knowledge to ensure smooth transitions into key positions and executive roles.


Talent Services Available at Simpatico

Search (Candidate Identification and Vetting)




Topics We Explore in Talent

Using Zoom to Conduct Interviews

Navigating the New COVID Normal (WFH vs. Office)

Developing and Implementing a New Position 90 Day Plan

Finding a Better Fit

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