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We're passionate about making leaders the best

they can be.

The power of a trusted coach is undeniable. We have all experienced it firsthand through beloved teachers, sports coaches, and on-the-job mentors. Yet many people forget the power of coaching once they become well-established in their ca­­reers. We often think of coaching as something that’s only necessary for beginners, rather than what it really is: a collaborative, lifelong process of improvement leading to self-actualization.


At Simpatico, we have decades of experience helping individuals at every level reach their full potential. We offer a unique approach to one-on-one coaching that combines business acumen with tangible skills like listening and communication. Our approach has helped executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners find greater personal and professional success—from the boardroom to the golf course.

Types of One-on-One Coaching Available at Simpatico

Executive Coaching

Mental Game Golf Coaching

Job Search/Career Transition Coaching

High-Potential Employee Coaching

Low-Performing Employee Coaching

Topics We Explore in One-on-One Coaching

Developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Inspiring Disruption and Innovation

Navigating the New COVID Normal (WFH vs. Office)

Position Fit Evaluation

Candor and Handling Difficult Conversations

Becoming Aware of and Tackling Biases

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