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Whether you manage a small team or run a company with hundreds or even thousands of employees, leadership is a big responsibility. While it is not your job to motivate people, it is your job to remove demotivators, to inspire, and guide your people to success. How can you be expected to do that when you’ve not had the benefit of focused learning? You don’t magically become a great leader when you are promoted into a management or executive role. You become a great leader through mentoring, coaching, training, and practice. It all starts with the individual.


For decades, our leadership coaching has helped executives, managers, and members of the c-suite build exceptional people skills and become effective leaders. We’re passionate about equipping leaders with the practical skills they need to galvanize their employees. We specialize in skill development in mindful listening, open communication, planning and running effective meetings, presenting win-win-win ideas, and being inclusive.


Simpatico has helped many individuals grow into truly inspirational leaders.




Executive Coaching | Mental Game Golf Coaching

Job Search/Career Transition Coaching

High-Potential Employee Coaching

Low-Performing Employee Coaching

Becoming Aware of and Tackling Biases

Position Fit Evaluation | Organization Fit Evaluation

Workshops | Seminars | Roundtables

Multi-Step Programs


Never underestimate the power of teamwork. A tight-knit team with a high level of trust among members can accomplish anything, bringing the organization closer to its goals while helping each person find fulfillment. We’ve seen firsthand how strong teams keep companies running like a well-oiled machine.


Finding time to build a team’s skills through dedicated training is a luxury you may or may not be able to afford. Regardless of the method, having an experienced coach teach your how to work together makes all the difference. At Simpatico, we use both tried-and-true methods and the latest thinking on interpersonal dynamics. Let us apply our extensive knowledge and experience to strengthen your teams.




Prioritization and Accountability for Teams

Inclusive Language and Practices for Teams

Golf for Teambuilding

Workshops | Outings

Seminars | Roundtables

Multi-Step Programs


Building a strong company culture with shared values like teamwork, collaboration, and open communication requires a personal investment from every member of the organization. Having a few members at the top pushing the culture does not work; companies perform best when every single employee feels/thinks/acts like a culture carrier.  When you get this right, you set the stage for healthy growth, whether it’s scaling and expanding your company organically or through investment, franchising, or licensing.


At Simpatico, we help the whole team get on the same page and move forward together. We work inside your organization to ignite passion, from the newest hire to the CEO. People love opportunities to be part of something bigger than themselves. Our methods help your individuals and teams develop important skills that empower everyone to work together better than ever.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy

Recruiting and Talent Development

Onboarding | Outplacement

Adopting a Growth Mindset

Supervisory Skills | Leadership Development

Mentoring Programs

Workshops | Seminars

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