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We launched Simpatico in 2020 with a singular purpose:

to help individuals, teams, and organizations realize their potential and find success on their own terms.

Our Values


When people come together with a sense of purpose, empowered to effect change, nothing can stop them.

In with the old and

in with the new

We believe in time-tested strategies and the power of innovation and disruption.

Test your blind spots

We all enjoy validation, yet dissent leads to deeper meaning and growth. Simpatico encourages leaders to welcome diversity of thought, closely consider multiple perspectives, make decisions, and trust the team to get it done.

Be authentic and

proceed with empathy

Make a contribution of your own while embracing the sensibilities of others.

Let accountability

be your standard

Successful teams know they can count on each other, and they balance great expectations with giving each other slack when needed.

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