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We facilitate deeper connections between companies and their stakeholders.

Showing up with good intentions is not enough. At Simpatico, we help individuals, teams, and organizations recognize and gain a deeper understanding of their stakeholders. This enables change to happen with stakeholders vs. happening to stakeholders.


When you listen, plan well, listen, communicate effectively, and listen again, most stakeholders will get on board. Stakeholder engagement happens when you discover a thorough understanding of who the stakeholders are and what they care about. We love facilitating that connection!


Simpatico founder LK Browning redefined stakeholder engagement during her tenure at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). With a foundation built on the importance of listening, she earned recognition for redesigning the program development process, for engaging internal and external stakeholders in unprecedented ways. Take a look at this short video that captures the unique spirit of engagement that LK pioneered at TVA.


Program Development and Stakeholder Engagement Services Include:

Program Scoping and Planning

Program Implementation

Program Evaluation

Stakeholder Engagement (Listening Sessions, Focus Groups, Etc.)

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